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It’s a no-brainer to pack a book for YOU to take to the beach/lake/park…but don’t forget to bring one for your kids!
These pairings will help you bond over books with common themes and styles. On the drive home from your day in the sun, make your conversation a mini-book club!
FRIENDSHIP:Two books that highlight strong bonds that can be built while living on a beach. 

You - The Last Song by Nicolas SparksThem - Summer of Gypsy Moths by Sara Pennypacker

ROMANCE:Stories of discovering who you are with a little love on the side :)

You - The One & Only by Emily GriffinThem - Ella Enchanted by Gail Caron Levine

MYSTERY:Reading the Copernicus Legacy series may be the first step to becoming a riddle solving reader!

You - The Unlucky 13 by James PattersonThem - The Copernicus Legacy by Tony Abbott 

GHOSTS:Oliver is a beautiful writer for all ages and these stories pair perfectly together!

You - Rooms by Lauren OliverThem - Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver

HORROR:One is heavy on the gore, the other is heavy on the hijinks.

You - The Walking DeadThem - The Zombie Chasers by John Kloepfer

FANTASY:Because reading about kings and dragons is cool, but people should be protected from the heartbreak of reading GOT for as long as possible.

You - Game of Thrones by George R.R. MartinThem - The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

SPORTS:"Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose."

You - Friday Night Lights Them - Perfect Season by Tim Green

INSPIRATIONAL:Odds are reading The One and Only Ivan will move YOU just as much as your pick.

You - I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya AngelouThem - The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

GAIMAN:A master who’s able to take both the young and old on a fantastical journey.

You - The Ocean at the End of the LaneThem - Fortunately, the Milk

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