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Currently reading: Liesl and Po by Lauren Oliver

I always forget how much I love these illustrations until I see them again. 
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In March 2013 I met my favourite author Lauren Oliver.  I traveled the 8 hours from my home in Scotland to London where she was holding an event to celebrate the launch of Requiem.  At the time I was helping out on the Delirium Fandom website and I filmed the event for the site.  I waited after the event and she very kindly signed and dedicated all my books I had brought with me. She also accepted some Delirium inspired jewellery I had made for her which made it extra special.
Today she visited Edinburgh and was a part of the Book Festival. This is 2 hours from my home.  Sadly I couldn’t get the time off work and had no holidays left to use due to a recent car accident I was in using them all up to cover my absent wages.
My other half saw this upset me and said he would go in my place. Listen to the event and if there was a signing get my books signed.
My other half an I don’t live together. From Monday to Friday he lives and works in Ireland while I live and work in Scotland. On weekends he travels back to me and for the most of it I have to work. He spends 3hours traveling on a boat after working hard all week and offered to drive and additional 4 hours round trip on his relax time, to attend an event he has no interest in, all for me.
He has just called me and told me that the event it over and there was a book signing. He said he has not opened them or read them as they are for me and he is on route home now and should be home around the same time I get in from work and he will tell me all about it.
I am sad I couldn’t attend but my favourite person in the world met my favourite author today and that in a way makes me really smile.
Thank you to my wonderful Liam
“He is my world and my world is him and without him there is no world”
 And to the amazing Lauren Oliver I thank you once again for being lovely and a truly wonderful person and author.  You have a forever fan.
 (Il forgive the boy for the parking ticket he got on my car for attending this event for me :p )

STOP, I’m going to start crying!!!!
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Lauren Oliver

Having a BLAST in the UK!
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